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Boxborough, Massachusetts is well known, locally, for the public school system which consistently ranks at the top of “regional-school” rankings. In 2009, the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School was named a Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.

The town name is often spelled "Boxboro" on highway signs and official documents, but the correct spelling is, in fact, Boxborough and was settled in 1783. Approximately 28 miles west of Boston, Boxborough, Ma is 10 square miles and is bordered by Littleton, Acton, Stow and Harvard. Boxborough is hilly area originally coming from the glacier scouring of the past and the town developed homes on top of those hills. The town, as many in this area, has an early agricultural history, which expanded to include orchards and grazing for milk production.

The town design, for the most part is residential neighborhoods and transportations corridors evolving out of the meandering rural roadways of yesteryear. Interstate 495 (I-495) runs through the northwestern part of town which provides quick access to the highway but, most of the town lies to the east of the interstate and is primarily residentially developed. Boxborough has kept many of the Federal period homes but since the housing boom of the 1950’s Boxborough has consistently add residents and implemented a town design primarily of short cul-de-sac neighborhoods.

Depending on your housing needs the Boxborough real estate market offers many home options. Boxborough real estate offers rentals of apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes. If your housing needs are long-term, the Boxborough real estate market also offers condominiums, and single-family homes for sale. Anyone considering Boxborough real estate needs to ask: Is the neighborhood the right fit?
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Neighborhoods in Boxborough, Ma

The neighborhoods of Boxborough, for the most part, are meandering street systems with small residential pockets located between wooded areas. While there isn’t an enormous amount of traffic, as compared to a city, typically, people use cars to run errands rather than walk or ride bikes.

Massachusetts Homes For Sale
Commuting from Boxborough, Ma
Typically people who reside in Boxborough rely on the automobile for commuting purposes. The convenient public transportations systems, such as the Commuter Rail run through the neighboring towns of Ayer, Littleton and Acton. The town of Boxborough is bi-furcated by Interstate 495 (I-495) so, depending upon which side you live on depends upon the distance to this transportation corridor however, in most cases the Interstate is approximately 3 miles. Route 2 is located along one side of the town and access to Route 2 is accomplished via the towns of Acton or Harvard.

Population of Boxborough, Ma
The population of Boxborough Ma has steadily increased over the years from 1950’s when there were 439 people to the 1980s when there were 3,126 people.
As of the Census of 2010 there were:
Government of Boxborough, Ma
Boxborough uses the Town Meeting form of government and elected selectmen serve as the presiding government officials. Anyone may attend Town Meeting but only registered voters (Ma property owners and renters alike) may vote. The town services are primarily funded through the residential property tax and the tax rate may be raised however, taxes may not be raised more than 2½% (locally known as State "Proposition 2½”) unless approved by the voters at Town Meeting. If real estate taxes are to be raised a separate budget line item must be delineated in the budget as opposed to wrapping all the taxes into an overall budget proposal. Town Hall is a great resource of local community resources.

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Water Supply and Sewage Treatment of Boxborough, Ma
The town of Boxborough, Ma, rooted in rural development since inception, does not supply a public water or sewage delivery system therefore, each property provides a well for potable water and a private septic system for sewage. Title V is the State law that requires an on-site septic system must meet certain standards and pass a test when a piece of property is sold. Most banks require the septic system be functioning and a home habitable to fund a residential loan however, there are exceptions to this rule. As for private well regulations, it is at the discretion of the property owner to insure the water consumed from the property is potable however, both tests, the Title V test and the potable water test is the seller’s responsibility and are required prior to a Boxborough real estate sale.

Trash Pick-up in Boxborough, Ma
Boxborough provides a transfer station (dump) located Codman Hill Road however, if curbside pick-up and/or construction debris pick-up there are several private companies that provide this service.

Electric Service in Boxborough, Ma
The Town of Littleton Ma provides electric power to the Town of Boxborough, Ma

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Education in Boxborough, Ma
The Boxborough Public School District consists of one elementary school, Blanchard Memorial School. Students that attend Junior High (Grades 7–8) and the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School (Grades 9–12) go to school in the neighboring town of Acton. In addition to the U.S. Department of Education designation as a Blue Ribbon School in 2009, Newsweek magazine, in 2008, ranked ABRHS as one of the best high schools in the country. Also, the school has ranked in the top ten for the National Academic Decathlon.

Every year the State of Massachusetts requires public school districts to participate in Standardized Testing called the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS). The test scores are published in the Boston Globe and are also located at the State of Massachusetts Elementary and Secondary Education
Massachusetts offers a program entitled “School Choice” which allows students from neighboring towns to attend the local public school if there are spaces available and if the local School Committee decides this is in the best interest of the district. If there are spaces available, a notice is published in the local paper. There has been some discussion as to parents of children exercising this option to provide some compensation to the schools district. Each district is different so, please check with administration officials for the current policy.

Another education option is the The Francis W. Parker Charter School,technically located in Fort Devens. Admission is based on a lottery system for grades 7th -12th. One of Massachusetts’ first charter schools, Parker was started in 1995 by area parents and teachers committed to the principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools. According to the website, The Coalition of Essential Schools, were established in 1984 by Theodore R. Sizer at Brown University, is a national network of over 1,200 schools and Centers engaged in restructuring and redesigning schools to promote better student learning and achievement. Essential schools share a common set of ideas known as the Ten Common Principles, which call for schools to set clear and simple goals about the intellectual skills and knowledge to be mastered by all the school’s students; to lower teacher-student loads, personalize teaching and curriculum, and make student work the center of classroom activity; to award diplomas based on students’ "exhibition" of their mastery of the school’s program; to create an atmosphere of trust and respect for the school, faculty, students and parents; and to model democratic practices and honor diversity.

The MinuteMan Regional School District, which Acton is a member, has a campus located in Lexington, Ma. The educational
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option offers an alternative high school in Applied Arts & Sciences. Minuteman Career and Technical High School is a public vocational high school (9th-12) that combines academics and college preparation (the main purpose of traditional high schools) with carefully designed courses related to career exploration and learning (the main purpose of vocational-technical schools). The original school planners focused on needs of students living along Massachusetts' high-tech corridor. Any 8th, 9th, 10th, or 11th grade student who is a resident of Acton, Arlington, Belmont, Bolton, Boxborough, Carlisle, Concord, Dover, Lancaster, Lexington, Lincoln, Needham, Stow, Sudbury, Wayland or Weston who expects to be promoted into the grade they seek to enter by their local district is eligible to apply.
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Library System in Boxborough, Ma
    Boxborough currently has one public library. The library first opened in 1891and after years in the front rooms of many homes, the library moved to the old church, which then burned to the ground in 1953. Then in 1966, the Albert J. Sargent Memorial Library functioned as the town library until early in 2005when the town opened the Sargent Memorial Library.
      The Sargent Memorial Library is part of the Central West Massachusetts library system (C/W MRS) with access to over 65 local libraries and 12 academic libraries. As a member of the network, library patrons have access to over one million items. The Sargent Memorial library, itself, has over 35,000 materials for loan consisting of books, periodicals, VHS videos, DVDs, music, and books on tape/CD. The library hosts many activities and programs conducted throughout the year and are worth exploring.

    Terrain of Boxborough, Ma
    The terrain of Boxborough, Ma is filled with Intermittent rolling hills, some quite high for the local area, farms located on plateaus, ponds and wooded areas are also part of the Boxborough community.

    Recreation of Boxborough, Ma
    Boxborough, Ma has recreation fields dotted throughout the town. Flerra Field provides soccer fields, as well as a small playground and pond. Liberty Fields has a baseball diamond, multiple soccer fields and a conservation trail in the woods. Steele Farm, a popular sledding site in the winter, with dog-friendly conservation trails. Details about hours of operation and usage fees can be found at Boxborough Town Hall.

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Points of Interest in Boxborough, Ma
    The Boxborough Museum operated by the local Historical Society is open several Sundays a year.
    Steele Farm is known for winter sledding and hiking.
    A well know community event is Boxborough’s annual Fifer’s day celebration which commemorates Luther Blanchard, the fifer who marched the local minuteman company to the Battle of Concord on April 19, 1775. At the North Bridge minutemen companies from various towns of the Commonwealth successfully engaged the British, forcing the redcoats to retreat. During this action Blanchard was fatally wounded, becoming one of the first battle casualties of the Revolutionary War. Fifer’s day is held every June at Flerra field in Boxborough. It begins with a 4-mile road race, followed by a parade and many different festivities. Booths with hamburgers, hot dogs, snow cones etc. line the field and games, bands and volleyball tournaments complete the afternoon. Fifer’s day has pony rides, air balloon rides, a flea market and much more.

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