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Hello! I'm Julie Marion and I started Hottel Real Estate with the goal of providing excellent Massachusetts real estate service!

Our skills in real estate, urban planning, negotiation, area knowledge & our passion are the right tools to help you find the home in the right town and at the right price!

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My husband and myself have nothing but GOOD stuff to say about Julie she was incredible....
She made buying our first house the easiest and most memorable experience we could ever ask for ...and we will DEFINITELY be using her again!

Best buyer agent you can get. I have achieved a good buy through her. She answered my calls, negotiated on my behalf even in tough times. Best of all she knew my circumstances and acted like she was buying for herself.

Thank you very much Julie and good luck!

MA real estate market

Julie helped my husband and me through the process of buying our first house in Concord last year. She was patient and honest, allowing us to learn and make our own observations but also ready to offer her own opinions when needed and wanted. She is very experienced and knowledgeable about all the towns we were interested in, and she helped us negotiate several offers in this tough, competitive market. She also made herself available to look at every house that interested us together. Overall, she has such a nice mix of being friendly and approachable but also tough when it's needed. Finally, she has continued to make herself available to us in the year since our purchase with recommendations for local work-people.

Julie is a great agent and partner for anyone searching for a home!

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