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Westford, Massachusetts is a Boston suburb that is well known locally as a community with great schools, a state of the art library, an active community center with offerings for all ages, the Nashoba Valley Ski Area, and two town beaches on spring-fed ponds. This welcoming suburb is reflected in a community that blends the older and newer housing stock seamlessly. Westford settled by the Europeans in 1635 was originally part of Chelmsford, but soon grew large enough to sustain its own governance. In 1729, Westford incorporated and became its own town. Approximately 23 miles northwest of Boston Westford is 30 square miles and is bordered by Chelmsford, Tyngsboro, Groton, Littleton, Acton and Carlisle.

Early in its settlement the town was noted for its farms and woolen mills and later, Westford gained a reputation for the products of granite, apples and yarn. Westford's minutemen marched to Concord where they participated in the American Revolutionary war as did many men of neighboring towns. Some have thought the town was along the path of Paul Revere’s Ride on April 19, 1775 but the path is well documented and he did not travel to Westford.

Over time, Westford began to serve as a residential suburb first for the mills of Lowell and later the 128 Technology Belt by, the 1990’s Westford solidified its reputation as a bedroom community with an emphasis on high tech. Every year the Town has an Apple Blossom Festival in May with a parade and the crowning of an apple blossom queen, a Strawberry Festival in June featuring a craft fair and strawberry shortcake.

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The town design, of Westford's agricultural past has continued to give way to rapidly expanding high technology industries, suburban retail, and upper-middle class residential areas. Neighborhood area developed over time and they reflect the urban design principles popular at the time of construction. There are through street with residential homes and cul-de-sac neighborhoods of different eras. Typically, people use cars to run errands rather than walk or ride bikes.

Depending on your housing needs the Westford real estate market offers many home options. Westford real estate offers rentals of apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes. If your housing needs are long-term, the Westford real estate market also offers condominiums, and single-family homes for sale. Anyone considering Westford real estate needs to ask: Is the neighborhood the right fit?

Neighborhoods in Westford, Ma
Westford, Ma is a community that has houses that were built in the mid-1600 up through today however, many of the neighborhoods were developed, for the most part at one time.

The Forge Village, Graniteville and Brookside neighborhoods developed when Westford needed housing for local employment opportunities such as the mills and the railroad.

Nabnassett, Long-Sought For Pond and other Westford lake communities
Developed along with the population boom of the 1950's. Westford's lake communities have evolved similar to Littleton as they were once summer cottage and now have been redeveloped into full time residences.

Massachusetts Homes For Sale
The balance of the neighborhoods, which are many are, cul-de-sac neighborhoods that have developed on a case by case basis as the housing market (1970-2000) demanded. In turn, those neighborhoods reflect the styles and amenities of that particular decade and developer.

Commuting from Westford, Ma
Several options exist for commuting out and into Westford, Ma
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Population of Westford, Ma
According to the Census of 2010 there were
      Approximately 21,951 people a 5.77% increase from 2000
      Approximately 7,398 housing units (American Fact Finder~US Census Bureau 2006-2008)

Government of Westford, Ma
Westford uses the Town Meeting form of government and elected selectmen serve as the presiding government officials. Anyone may attend Town Meeting but only registered voters may vote. The town services are primarily funded through the residential property tax and the tax rate may be raised however, taxes may not be raised more than 2½% (locally known as State "Proposition 2½” ) unless approved by the voters at Town Meeting and it must be a separate budget line items, not wrapped into an overall budget proposal. The Water Department is funded through water rates, connection fees and property rental. The Water District revenues, however, are not subject to State "Proposition 2½." All residents, renters as well as property owners, if registered to vote, may attend and vote at town meeting. A voter must attend in person as no absentee voting is allowed. The non-voting public may attend open town meetings as observers. Westford Town Hall has more information.
Water Supply and Sewage Treatment of Westford, Ma
The Westford Water District supplies drinking water to approximately 75% of the town via eight wells in town. The water is treated at a facility close by and then dispersed to the town. There is a Master Plan that is followed to ensure a safe and adequate water supply and that plan also delineates future wells, rehabilitation and upgrades to the existing water treatment facilities.

In terms of sewage, properties utilize private on-site septic tanks. Title V is the State law that requires an on-site septic system must meet certain standards and pass a test when a piece of property is sold. Most banks require the septic system be functioning and a home habitable to fund a residential loan however, there are exceptions to this rule. As for private well regulations, it is at the discretion of the property owner to insure the water consumed from the property is potable however, both tests, the Title V test and the potable water test is the seller’s responsibility and are required prior to a Westford real estate sale.

Trash Pick-Up Westford, Ma
Curbside trash pick-up is provided as part of the town services in Westford, Ma. The schedule is available at Westford Town Hall

Electric Service in Westford, Ma
Electricity and natural gas is provided by National Grid residents that do not have natural gas servicing the property use oil or propane, provided by private sector companies.

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Education in Westford, Ma
The public school system in Westford serves students in pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.

There are three elementary schools serving Kindergarten through 2nd grade:
Massachusetts offers a program entitled “School Choice” which allows students from neighboring towns to attend the local public school if there are spaces available and if the local School Committee decides this is in the best interest of the district. If there are spaces available, a notice is published in the local paper. There has been some discussion as to parents of children exercising this option to provide some compensation to the schools district. Each district is different so, please check with administration officials for the current policy.

Another education option is the The Francis W. Parker Charter School,technically located in Fort Devens. Admission is based on a lottery system for grades 7th -12th. One of Massachusetts’ first charter schools, Parker was started in 1995 by area parents and teachers committed to the principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools. According to the website, The Coalition of Essential Schools, were established in 1984 by Theodore R. Sizer at Brown University, is a national network of over 1,200 schools and Centers engaged in restructuring and redesigning schools to promote better student learning and achievement. Essential schools share a common set of ideas known as the Ten Common Principles, which call for schools to set clear and simple goals about the intellectual skills and knowledge to be mastered by all the school’s students; to lower teacher-student loads, personalize teaching and curriculum, and make student work the center of classroom activity; to award diplomas based on students’ "exhibition" of their mastery of the school’s program; to create an atmosphere of trust and respect for the school, faculty, students and parents; and to model democratic practices and honor diversity.

Established in 1968, Nashoba Valley Technical High School (Nashoba Tech) is a public, four-year (9th – 12th), career-focused high school fostering academic, personal and professional success. According to the website Nashoba Tech promotes a lifetime of learning and achievement, providing our students with quality teaching, specialized instruction in 18 industry-approved technical programs, personalized academic support and leadership development opportunities. Students who live in Chelmsford, Groton, Littleton, Pepperell, Shirley, Townsend or Westford may apply for admission.

Innovation Academy Charter School is a college preparatory public charter school serving students in grades five through twelve. The school was founded in 1996 by a group of Chelmsford residents interested in having a choice in public middle school education in the Chelmsford area. Currently, the school serves students from more than 10 Massachusetts communities including Chelmsford, Lowell, Billerica, Dracut, Groton, Tewksbury, Tyngsboro and Westford.

Private Schools of Westford Ma
There are two private pre-school/day care facilities that are franchises.

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Library System in Westford, Ma
The JV Fletcher Library, located on the Westford Town Common, is committed to lifelong learning with a wide range of collections and services. In addition, the Westford Library is part of the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium, a network of public libraries serving thirty-five communities throughout the Merrimack Valley region of Massachusetts. Nearly three million items are available to you through the inter-library loan program. Terrain of Westford, Ma
Westford is a community that capitalized on being near local rivers and utilized the land for agriculture as well as the raw materials of granite.

Recreation of Westford Ma
Westford, Ma has many fields for baseball, soccer, field hockey, tennis courts, basketball and two swimming ponds. These fields are located throughout the town and details about hours of operation and usage fees can be found at Town Hall.

From a regional perspective, Westford, Ma has made an effort to interconnect the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, a recreational trail that repurposes old railroad lines for non-vehicular uses such as biking, roller blading, walking, running and in winter cross-country skiing. This trail begins/end in Westford at the intersection of Route 225 and Route 27 and then continues on into Acton and Chelmsford for 6.8 miles.

Points of Interest of Westford Ma
Nashoba Brook Wildlife Sanctuary ~ A wooded sanctuary consisting of many parcels that are contiguous to one another. There are trails that allow a visitor to experience a white pine-oak forest, vernal pools, and a variety of birds.
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